Dozens is revolutionising the way people manage their money and challenging the entire financial industry in the process.

Traditional banks, building societies and fintechs mostly rely on debt for profit. They encourage customers to spend in order to charge for overdrafts, and offer short term loans. They need people to mismanage their money to keep their profits and investors happy.

Isn’t there a huge conflict of interest there?

We don’t think institutions are doing all they can to help people manage their money. Either in terms of new technology, in terms of data or in terms of financial products.

So we started Dozens. Dozens is a fintech that is challenging the banking industry by focusing on customers’ growth rather than seeking profit from their debt.

With our bright mango yellow debit card and full-featured app, Dozens combines a current account with budgeting and saving tools, unique financial products and investment tools all designed to help people move from spender to saver to investor.

  • Minimum of 30 days annual leave

  • Optional bi-weekly meditation sessions

  • Regular team offsites

  • Income protection

  • Monthly team socials and activities

  • Life assurance and critical illness cover

  • Gerda Valiukonytė

    SVP, Ops

    “ I feel like this is a big family, and everyone is raising a child - which is Dozens ”